Computer Lessons in Naples, FL

If you have questions or would like to learn more about your computer, you have just found the perfect resource for personalized help! There is no better way to learn than getting 1 on 1 help from a local and patient professional. With in-home computer lessons, you can finally get the help you deserve.

Computer Lessons

When you schedule a lesson, you won’t even need to leave your house. Owner James McQuillin will travel to you.

This means you can get all the help you need without having to go to any retail stores. Hallelujah!

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Computer Lessons for Seniors

Have you ever wished someone would take the time to sit down with you, be patient, and help you learn more about your computer? Then computer lessons for seniors is perfect for you.

Computer Lessons for Seniors in Naples, FLMost of us have a tech-savvy friend, relative, or grandchild that is a computer expert but doesn’t necessarily have the time or patience to help you the way you need. This can be
especially frustrating and discouraging. You deserve the opportunity to learn and to grow more comfortable using your computer.

When you get the help you deserve, you might be surprised what you can learn and even more surprised at just how easy it can be.

Computer Lessons for Beginners

Computer Lessons for Beginners in Naples, FLHave you ever asked where you could get a manual or user guide for the computer only to be told to look online? You might be a perfect candidate for computer lessons for beginners to get hands-on help with your technology.

Whether you’ve had a computer for years or you’re thinking about buying a new one, it can always be helpful to start with the basics. There are lots of computer tutorials, user guides, and videos online as well as computer books sold at stores, but wouldn’t it be easier just to have someone come to your house and help you?

With 1 on 1 Computer Lessons, you get the individual attention of a patient professional in your home for the best possible learning experience.

Computer Help, Tutorials, & Troubleshooting

Computer Help, Tutorial, & TroubleshootingMaybe you don’t need Computer Lessons per se, but you could still use a helping hand to get answers to some questions or learn some new tips and tricks. You can still get the same personalized in-home computer help from 1 on 1 Lessons. Together we can walk through computer tutorials and even learn to perform some of your very own computer troubleshooting should any issues arise.

Instead of driving to busy retail stores or calling tech support just to get bounced around to different departments, avoid the headaches and have a professional come to your home. Get answers to all your questions without ever leaving your house.

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Computer Classes and Apple Workshops

Apple WorkshopsIf you live in or near Naples, FL you are actually very fortunate with the number of options you have for computer classes, especially for Apple products. There are only 270 Apple stores in the entire U.S., 17 are in in Florida, and we just happen to have two in our own back yards (Waterside Shops and Coconut Point). These two locations host Apple Workshops inside the store at designated times which you can sign up online to attend.

Apple stores provide some great introductory group classes free of charge. Also, many of the country clubs, community associations, libraries, high schools, colleges, and senior centers provide group classes as well.

However, despite these group class options, many people would still prefer the individual attention and personalized hands-on learning provided by 1 on 1 Lessons. There really is no better way to learn and get the most out of your computer than with 1 on 1 Computer Lessons in Naples, FL.

Apple Computer Lessons

Apple Computer LessonsHave you ever wanted to learn more about your Mac? In-home Apple computer lessons are a great way to get 1 on 1 help, get answers to your questions, and learn all sorts of new exciting things.

You can have a professional come to your home for hands-on computer help for your Mac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and iMac. With Apple computer lessons, you take the wheel and determine what you want to learn. We can start with the basics of navigating your Mac, browsing the Internet, and keeping your files organized or we can delve deeper into individual apps like Mail, Calendar, iTunes, iBooks, Photos, and more.

Computer Tips & Tricks Learned During Apple Computer Lessons

  • Backing up your Mac to prevent losing precious photos and important files
  • Learning gestures on the track pad
  • Best practices for charging, restarting and powering on and off
  • Making life easier by using Spotlight Search and Siri
  • Sending and receiving text messages on your Mac using iMessage
  • Watching movies and TV shows on your Apple computer
  • Organizing the Dock at the bottom of your Mac screen
  • Discovering Mac apps in the App Store
  • Listening to your favorite songs and artists with Apple Music
  • Creating bookmarks and shortcuts for quick access to what you use most frequently
  • Sending and receiving email on your Mac
  • Syncing photos from your iPhone and/or iPad
  • Determining the best web browser for you (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Keeping your files organized and knowing how to find them
  • Understanding iCloud
  • Other Apple computer tips & tricks and more!
    • The list is endless because all Apple Computer lessons are custom to your specific interests.

Windows Computer Lessons

Windows Computer LessonsIt’s time you start taking control of your computer! With the 1 on 1 help of in-home Windows computer lessons, you can finally start using your PC with confidence.

By now, you are probably using Windows 10 and maybe you’re not exactly in love with it. The truth is, it is a great operating system and together we can help you discover the best ways for you to get the most out of your Windows computer. From the basics to more specifics like using Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, we will make sure to help you master your computer.

Computer Tips & Tricks Learned During Windows Computer Lessons

  • How Windows 10 differs from what you were used to in the past
  • Eliminating headaches by organizing your passwords
  • Simplifying the computer by removing or hiding apps you do not use
  • Cleaning up the Start Menu and Taskbar, making it easier to find what you want
  • Using Search or Cortana to quickly find applications or search the web
  • Sending and receiving emails on your Windows computer
  • Using the touch screen (when applicable)
  • Transferring photos from your iPhone or smartphone to your PC
  • Understanding the cloud and how you should use it
  • Keeping documents and pictures organized
  • Printing wirelessly from another room
  • Quickly accessing your favorite websites
  • Other Windows computer tips & tricks  and more!
    • The list goes on and on because all Windows Computer Lessons are custom to your personal interests.

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