Siri Commands for iPhone

The Complete List of Siri Commands for iPhone

Siri is amazing if you know the right things to say. Below is a comprehensive list of all Siri commands available on your iPhone as provided by Siri herself. Note this list is current as of the launch of iOS 10.

Siri Commands for iPhone - Phone

Phone Calls

  • Call Brian
  • Call Emily’s mobile
  • Call Susan on her work phone
  • Call 408 555 1212
  • Call home
  • Call 911
  • Call the fire department
  • Get my call history
  • Do I have any missed calls?
  • Redial that last number


  • Do I have any new voicemail?
  • Play me the voicemail from Emily

Siri Commands for iPhone - FaceTime

  • FaceTime Lisa
  • Make a FaceTime call to Susan Conway
  • Make a FaceTime audio call

Siri Commands for iPhone - Apps

Launching Apps

  • Launch Photos
  • Play Infinity Blade III
  • Open Facebook

Searching for Apps

  • Get the Pinterest app
  • Find Twitter in the App Store
  • Download Facebook
  • Search the App Store for cooking apps

Siri Commands for iPhone - Messages

Sending Messages

  • Tell Susan I’ll be right there
  • Send a message to Brian Park
  • Send a message to Emily saying how about tomorrow
  • Tell Lindsey the show was great
  • Send a message to Susan on her mobile saying I’ll be late
  • Send a message to 408 555 1212
  • Text Brian and Emily where are you?

Reading Message Alerts

  • Read my new messages
  • Read it again

Responding to Messages

  • Reply that’s great news
  • Tell him I’ll be there in 10 minutes
  • Call her
  • FaceTime her

Searching for Messages

  • Read my last message from Emily

Siri Commands for iPhone - Calendar

Adding Events

  • Set up a meeting at 9
  • Set up a meeting with Jimmy at 9
  • Meet with Emily at noon
  • Set up a meeting about hiring tomorrow at 9am
  • New appointment with Susan Conway Friday at 3
  • Schedule a planning meeting at 8:30 today in the boardroom

Changing Events

  • Move my 3pm to 4:30
  • Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Patrick to next Monday at 9am
  • Add Emily to my meeting with Brian
  • Cancel the budget review meeting

Asking About Events

  • What does the rest of my day look like?
  • What’s on my calendar for Friday?
  • When is my next appointment?
  • When am I meeting with Jimmy?
  • Where is my next meeting?

Siri Commands for iPhone - Sports


  • Did the Giants win?
  • How did Kansas City do last night?
  • What was the score the last time the Tigers played the Red Sox?
  • Show me the football scores from last night
  • Who will win the Pittsburgh game?

Game Schedules

  • When do the Giants play next?
  • When is Kansas City’s first game of the season?
  • What basketball games are on today?
  • What channel is the Red Sox game on?
  • When is England’s next match?


  • Who’s the best team in hockey?
  • How did the Red Sox do last season?
  • Did Pittsburgh make the playoffs?
  • What are the standings in the AFC East?
  • Get me college football rankings
  • What are the standings in the Champions League

Player Information

  • Who has the highest slugging percentage?
  • Who has the most home runs on the Giants?
  • Which player scored the most goals in Italian soccer?
  • Which quarterback has the most passing yards?
  • Who is the starting pitcher for the Giants today?
  • Who’s the starting quarterback for the Patriots?
  • What is the starting lineup for the San Jose Sharks?

Team Information

  • Show me the roster for the Giants
  • What is pitching for Detroit this season?
  • Is anyone on the Red Sox injured?
  • Which team has the fewest penalty minutes?
  • Which team has the most stolen bases in the NL Central?

Siri Commands for iPhone - Photos

Searching Photos

  • Show my photos from yesterday
  • Go to my photos from last night
  • Show my videos from this weekend
  • Look up my videos taken in New York City
  • Find last year’s Hawaii photos

Siri Commands for iPhone - Maps


  • Give me directions home
  • Get me directions to Yosemite
  • Directions to my dad’s work
  • Get me directions from San Francisco to Santa Barbara
  • Give me walking directions to Emily’s
  • What’s my next turn?
  • Are we there yet?
  • What’s my ETA?
  • Find a gas station


  • Show me the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Show me a map of 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino California

Local Business

  • Find coffee near me
  • Find the best nail salon
  • Where is the closest Apple Store?

Siri Commands for iPhone - Restaurants

Searching for Restaurants

  • Find a good pizza joint in Chicago
  • Good Mexican restaurants around here


  • Table for four in Palo Alto tonight
  • Make a reservation at a romantic Italian restaurant tonight at 7pm

Restaurant Reviews

  • Show me the reviews for Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino

 Siri Commands for iPhone - Movies

Searching for Movie Information

  • Find Disney movies
  • What comedies are playing?
  • Who starred in Remember the Titans?
  • Who directed Kung Fu Panda 3?
  • What is Deadpool rated?

Finding Movie Showtimes

  • I want to see the new Pixar movie
  • What’s playing at the movies tomorrow?
  • What’s playing at Main Street Movies

Getting Movie Tickets (U.S. Only)

  • Three tickets to see The Martian
  • Buy four tickets to see Kung Fu Panda 3 tonight in San Jose
  • Two tickets to The Peanuts Movie at the City Theater at 9pm
  • Two tickets to that new Pixar movie

Finding Movie Theaters

  • Find some movie theaters near my office

Reading Movie Reviews

  • Show me the reviews for The Martian

Major Movie Awards

  • Which movie won Best Picture in 1966?

Siri Commands for iPhone - Music

Apple Music

  • Play Walk by Foo Fighters
  • Play Little Broken Hearts shuffled
  • Play Norah Jones
  • Play some blues
  • Play my party mix
  • Shuffle my roadtrip playlist
  • Play the hottest U2 tracks
  • Play the top 10 hip-hop tracks
  • Play the first Springsteen album
  • Add The Waterfall by My morning Jacket to my collection
  • Play Good Life after this song
  • Play more like this
  • Play more from this artist
  • Play
  • Pause
  • Skip


  • Play Radio
  • Play the reggae station
  • Play my Norah Jones station
  • Play more songs like this one
  • Don’t play this song again
  • I like this song

Identifying Music

  • What song is this?
  • Who sings this?
  • What’s the name of this track?
  • What song is playing?

After Identifying Music

  • Buy this song
  • Add this track to my wish list
Siri Commands for iPhone - Reminders

  • Remind me to call Mom
  • Add artichokes to my groceries list
  • Add skydiving to my bucket list
  • Remember to take an umbrella
  • Remind me to take my medicine at 6am tomorrow
  • Remind me to finish the report by 6
  • Read my work to-do list
  • Mark the third one complete
  • Create a new list called Groceries
  • Remind me about this email tomorrow
  • Remember this website
  • Remind me to FaceTime Mom when I get home
  • Remind me when I leave to call Brian
  • Remind me to call my dad when I’m in the car
  • Remind me when I leave to FaceTime Brian

Siri Commands for iPhone - Email

Sending Email

  • Email Emily about the trip
  • Email Lindsey about the change in plans
  • New email to Susan Conway
  • Mail Dad about the rent check
  • Email Dr. Patrick and say I got the forms, thanks
  • Mail Emily and Brian about the party and say I had a great time

Checking Email

  • Check email
  • Any new email from Jimmy today?
  • Show new mail about the lease
  • Show the email from Emily yesterday

Responding to Email

  • Reply dear Susan sorry about the late payment
  • Call him at work
  • FaceTime him at work

Siri Commands for iPhone - Weather

  • What’s the weather for today?
  • What’s the weather for tomorrow?
  • What’s the forecast for this evening?
  • How’s the weather in Tampa right now?
  • What’s the high for Anchorage on Thursday?
  • What’s the temperature outside?
  • How windy is it out there?
  • When is sunrise in Paris?
  • Should I bring an umbrella today?

Siri Commands for iPhone - Stocks

  • What’s Apple’s stock price?
  • What is Apple’s PE ratio?
  • What did Yahoo close at today?
  • How is the Nikkei doing?
  • How are the markets doing?
  • Where’s the NASDAQ today?
  • Compare AAPL and the NASDAQ

Siri Commands for iPhone - Clock


  • Wake me up tomorrow at 7am
  • Set an alarm for 6:30am
  • Wake me up in 8 hours
  • Change my 6:30 alarm to 6:45
  • Turn off my 6:30 alarm
  • Delete my 7:30 alarm
  • Turn off all my alarms


  • What time is it in Berlin?
  • What is today’s date?
  • What’s the date this Saturday?


  • Set the timer for ten minutes
  • Show the timer
  • Pause the timer
  • Resume timer
  • Reset the timer
  • Stop timer

Siri Commands for iPhone - Contacts

Asking About Contacts

  • What’s Emily’s address?
  • What is Susan Conway’s phone number?
  • When is my wife’s birthday?
  • Show Lindsey’s home email address
  • What’s my brother’s work address?

Finding Contancts

  • Show Brian Park
  • Find people named Conway


  • My mom is Susan Conway
  • Jimmy Manning is my brother
  • Call my brother at work
  • FaceTime my brother at work


  • Learn how to pronounce my name
  • Learn how to pronounce my mom’s name
  • Learn how to pronounce Siobhan Conway’s name

Siri Commands for iPhone - Find My Friends

  • Where’s Brian?
  • Where is my sister?
  • Is my daughter at home?
  • Where are all my friends?
  • Who is here?
  • Who is near me?
  • Let me know when my son gets home
  • Let my husband know when I leave work

Siri Commands for iPhone - Notes

  • Note that I spent $12 on lunch
  • Note to self: check out that new Norah Jones album
  • Find my meeting notes
  • Add tour the catacombs to my Paris vacation note
  • Show my notes from June 25th
  • Read my note about story ideas

Siri Commands for iPhone - Settings

  • Turn on Airplane Mode
  • Is Bluetooth on?
  • Make the screen brighter
  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Go to Twitter settings
  • Show me my privacy settings
  • Enable Wi-Fi
  • Open Mail settings
  • Turn on Do Not Disturb

Siri Commands for iPhone - Web Search

  • Search the web for polar bears
  • Search for vegetarian pasta recipes
  • Search the web for best cable plans
  • Google the war of 1812
  • Bing Norah Jones
  • Find pictures of killer whales
  • Show me videos of the Northern Lights
  • What’s the news for Chicago?

Siri Commands for iPhone - Q&A

  • How many ounces are in a liter?
  • What’s 16 times 42?
  • What’s the definition of pragmatic?
  • How do you spell camouflage?
  • How many calories in a bagel?
  • What is an 18% tip on $86.74 for four people?
  • Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?
  • How long to greyhounds live?
  • What is the Gossamer Condor?
  • What’s the square root of 128?
  • How many dollars is €45?
  • How many days until Christmas?
  • How far away is the Sun?
  • When is the next solar eclipse?
  • Show me the Orion constellation
  • What’s the population of Jamaica?
  • How high is Mt. Whitney?
  • How deep is the Atlantic ocean?
  • What’s the price of gasoline in Chicago?
  • When was Abraham Lincoln born?
  • What’s the population of San Francisco?
  • Tell me about Pixar

Siri Commands for iPhone - iTunes

Searching for Music

  • Download songs by Little Dragon
  • Buy Coldplay’s album
  • Search iTunes for Drake music
  • Buy Fireflies by Owl City
  • Get Pumped Up Kicks from iTunes
  • Find pop songs on the iTunes store

Searching for TV Shows

  • Buy the first season of Homeland
  • Find the latest episode of Game of Thrones
  • Look for kids shows in iTunes

Searching for Movies

  • Get the LEGO Movie on iTunes
  • Search for Rear Window on iTunes
  • Download the movie The Martian

Siri Commands for iPhone - Books

  • Buy the book The Goldfinch
  • Find The Hobbit book in iBooks
  • Get Into Thin Air from iBooks
  • Find books by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Download Jon Krakauer novels

Siri Commands for iPhone - Podcasts

Playing Podcasts

  • Play podcasts
  • Play it twice as fast
  • Jump back 30 seconds
  • Skip ahead 10 seconds
  • Play
  • Pause

Searching for Podcasts

  • Search for Radio Lab podcast
  • Find Serial podcast in the iTunes Store
  • Download the new Around the Horn podcast

Siri Commands for iPhone - Facebook

  • Post to Facebook headed to the new Pixar movie
  • Write on my timeline went on a great hike to Yosemite Falls
  • Write on my timeline just landed in San Jose

Siri Commands for iPhone - Twitter


  • Tweet just watched the Giants win in extra innings
  • Tweet another beautiful day in Cupertino
  • Tweet with my location having a great vacation with Susan Conway
  • Tweet loved the Norah Jones concert tonight hashtag LittleBrokenHearts

Searching Twitter

  • Search Twitter for SF Giants
  • Show me my tweets
  • What’s the latest in San Francisco?
  • Find tweets with the hashtag BayBridge
  • What’s trending on Twitter?
  • What’s going on?
  • What are people saying about Foo Fighters?

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The Complete List of Siri Commands for iPhone
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